New Windows 7 App

I’m delighted to announce the Harrowden Books App for Windows Phone 7 is now available for you to download for FREE. So you’ll be able to search our book stock via your Windows 7 mobile phone. The application can be found using a windows phone 7 by searching the Market Place for Harrowden Books.


About Harrowden Books of Finedon

Hi. I own and run an independant second-hand bookshop in Finedon in Northamptonshire. There's not many shops like mine open these days, it's very different from most shops. You'll actually find books here that you won't find in libraries or new bookshops. Some of them are even politically incorrect! You can look at my shop at
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5 Responses to New Windows 7 App

  1. Janice says:

    Do you have an Amish Books there are quite a lot of different authors
    Also how about Quilting Books

    • Hi. At the moment I don’t have any Amish books but they do come in from time to time. The only thing I have on quilting right now is a small pamphlet called Quilting by Dorothea Kay, Brenda Marchbank, Betty Showler
      £2.40. I have books on general crafts and religion. the best thing is to come in for a browse. Mike

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